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Top web hosting providers in the USA

Operating a website is a tricky business. You have to buy a website domain, host it, design and make sure you renew the domain and hosting on time. That is without the complexities of which hosting provider to choose from.

There are numerous web hosting providers in the United States of America, each with their own unique selling points. You could get lost in the choices. That is why, we have created a list of the top web hosting providers in the USA. Take a look.


The web hosting provider Bluehost is one of the best options for the developers who want the best uptime for their websites. Bluehost offers the best uptime and reliability, beating all its competitions by large. Not to mention, the host’s load time isn’t bad either. Although it doesn’t as good as the uptime, it still is among the top 6.

Hosting your website on Bluehost will cost you $2.75 per month.


For those who want the fastest loading time for their website, A2 hosting service is the best option. The hosting service ranks 1st in load time, although it lacks behind the elites in the matter of uptime and reliability.

Hosting your website on A2 will cost you $3.92 per month.


One of the most known options in the list, GoDaddy ranks a little lower in the list. Now, before you start questioning the integrity of this list, let me say GoDaddy is one of the best options in the market. However, GoDaddy doesn’t match up to the elites in the market.

The host offers a load time of 448ms, uptime of 99.95% and only Costs $2.49 per month.


Founded in 2002, HostGator is currently hosting over 600,000 websites across the US. While, the HostGator service is not the leader in anything, it does perform well in all essential aspects of websites. It offers a load time of 424ms, which places it on the 5th rank and uptime of 99.96% (15th rank).

Hosting your website on HostGator will cost you $2.99 per month.


Another excellent option, SiteGround, was founded in 2004. The service currently hosts over 800,000 websites worldwide and is rates ‘A’ by the BBB hosting service rating agency. The service has one of the most finest and well-balanced spec chart.

The service ranks 4th in uptime and 14th in loadtime. Not to mention, costs only $3.95 per month with live chat support(average response 2 mins).

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